More carrot, less stick

Making brand fans and gaining loyal followers

Fantastic engagement with clients, customers and colleagues can build lasting relationships and brand advocacy.

We partner with our clients to create value-added incentives which will differentiate your brand and accelerate your sales growth.

Employee engagement strengthens the emotional connection an employee has to an organisation, its vision, goals and ethics. We can help you develop great engagement tools that will motivate your staff to go above and beyond; creating a positive work environment and building long term employee retention.

Loyalty programmes

Tailor-made customer loyalty and rewards programmes

Full Square has years of experience in creating and managing loyalty schemes and incentive programmes designed to help retain customers, grow existing business and build lasting brand advocacy.

From development to reward selection through to fulfilment and reporting, we can take care of and administer your complete programme to suit your budget.

Onboarding packs

Let us help you make your welcome extra special

New customer onboarding packs are a great way to introduce new clients to your brand and show them that you truly value their business.

Give your new members of staff a warm and inviting welcome. The first day for a new employee can be quite daunting, put them at ease with a personalised onboarding pack, containing all the information they will need to get settled in their new role. And a few treats too!

Employee motivation

Appreciate and acknowledge your employees’ achievements

Employee recognition programmes help motivate employees to give their best performance, they create a positive work environment and help build staff retention, showing your staff how much you value them.

From sales rewards to organising team events or supplying work anniversary and long term service awards, we’re here to help you.

Events and activities

Create events that will leave a lasting impression

Whether you are running a training meeting, an internal sales meeting, distribution meeting, customer event or a fun-filled team building event we’re here to support you and take the weight off your shoulders.

Full Square can help plan and execute your offline event. We can provide personalised welcome packs, delegate packs, signage, banners, branding and promotional gifts. We will ensure that all those little details are thought about and covered, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

And, don’t forget, if your event is virtual, the rewards can still be real!

Emotional well-being and mental health

Show your colleagues that you care about and appreciate them

At times life can be a little stressful, Full Square can supply a range of wellness and mental health gift boxes for your employees that will nurture their minds, bodies and souls.

We can create personalised gift boxes with a range of selected products from our More Than Gifts catalogue or we can help to curate a range of absolutely bespoke packages

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