More than you expected.

To stand “full square” behind someone implies that you are giving them your full support, and tells them that you are their steadfast ally.

We are more than printers and more than creators of memorable merchandise. We are a small, friendly team who have worked in offline promotions for over 30 years.

Our mission is to add value to all of the offline marketing activities of all of our customers

We value the uniqueness of each and every one of our client relationships, whether that is with an employee of a large corporation, the owner of a small, local business, or an education establishment or charity.

Made in Great Britain

We are proud to be part of the British Manufacturing print industry and promote home-grown products wherever we can.
Although the paper industry can rightly make claims about the sustainability of the raw material, the way it is then transported and put to use can still have a massive environmental impact.

So, it is important to us to try and minimise that impact by working with local suppliers, UK manufacturers and European paper mills. With an emphasis on Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, we can advise on how your promotion or print can make a difference to the footprint your company leaves behind.

Purpose not product

You might get more than you expected when you call to talk about print or products, because we will almost always ask you "why?" We aren't being difficult, we just want to understand what you are trying to achieve, how much budget you have, who your audience is and what story you are telling.

When you tell us why, we can help you to find the "what". It is more than supplying a product or pushing a catalogue into your hands - we want to understand what the real purpose of your promotion is, so that we can best help you achieve it.

The best ideas are found when we take time to understand every angle, so we like a chat more than most!

Ideas with integrity

It is our job to make your life easier. We know how hard it is to keep on coming up with great new ideas when you are under pressure to hit targets and KPIs. It's no fun, right?

Well, for us, it is fun - it's what we do. Part of being a promotional product distributor is becoming a target for every manufacturer of gorgeous gizmos, gadgets and giveaways - can you imagine what a joy that is? We get samples and ideas sent to us every day and we sift through them to offer the best to you.

The industry is really trying to make a difference in response to the needs of corporate buyers to improve the carbon footprint of their business. Giving away what modern young buyers now perceive to be "landfill tat" is no longer an option. We need to be able to give you compliance and safety certification, we always did, but we now need to be more traceable and transparent about where the goods come from and how they are made. We work to the code of conduct that applies to all members of the BPMA which gives you the reassurance that your next promotion is in caring hands.

As accredited members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association, we can assure you of our credibility in the industry. After 30 years in print and promotions, mainly working for corporate clients, Full Square owner, Claire McFadden is also now an Ambassador for Women in Rural Enterprise, encouraging and supporting other women who want to start their own business.

Caring for our environment, and our community involves being prepared to give back. We are also therefore very proud to support The Woodland Trust through Premier Paper's Carbon Capture programme, provide free printing for Charity Link, who provide for local people suffering hardship and support Lamp, a local mental health advocacy charity.


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