More carrot, less stick!

It can be difficult to choose the right way to promote your business, after all, there are so many ways to dangle the proverbial carrot in front of your prospects. We are all conditioned to respond more favourably to the carrot than the stick, so entice more business from your clients with attractive promotional materials […]

Sustainable Sales Promotion

April 22nd celebrates this year’s Earth Day, an annual event that demonstrates support for environmental protection and sustainability. I think we can all agree that our planet is an amazing place, but it does need our help and responsibility to thrive. However, when you are trying to grow your business it may seem difficult to […]

Comfort and Joy

Did you know that one third of adults cuddle up to a teddy bear every night for emotional comfort – and research shows there are real health benefits? But is it really a surprise to know that cuddling something brings contentment? I still have two teddies from when I was an infant, as well as […]

Adding a new dimension to your sales promotions

So, it’s true we are increasingly living in an online world, and hey, you are probably reading this on a screen! However, in this incredibly busy digital world how can you really differentiate yourself, your brand, and your business? How can you engage with customers, or indeed your own staff, and start to overcome that […]

What price loyalty?

flat lay photography of coffee latte in teacup on table

How many loyalty cards have you got in your wallet? Probably quite a few and, if you use them to their full potential, I expect you have the means to save quite a bit of money one way or another. But do you really appreciate their value? They are costing the provider when you use […]

The power of persuasion

  Whatever you might call your marketing funnel, I was brought up with the AIDA model and, much like the four acts in the opera of the same name, there are four stages: Marketeers will tell you all about the triangular shaped AIDA model that you can employ to attract new clients and lead them […]

The season of giving is always upon us

The Giving Season is here, and we have created a new section on our website devoted to boxing up goodies and sending them out direct to individuals. I decided to re-visit an article that I wrote 10 years ago on when to use promotional gifts, swag, corporate merchandise – call it what you will. I […]

And here’s five more

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Following our last blog post here are 5 more offline marketing ideas that can help you develop new prospects and grow your business: 1. Promotional Gifts Promotional gifts and products have been used by sales and marketing as a promotional tool for many years. The BPMA reports that 83% of people who receive promotional merchandise […]

Gimme five!

man raising right hand

The internet and digital marketing have made it faster and seemingly easier to reach a wide audience with your brand, however that hasn’t made offline sales and marketing promotion obsolete. Many businesses have jumped feet first into the digital marketing world and may have neglected the many forms of offline promotion that would help them […]

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