ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT 2021 Full Square manufacturing facility is based in Leicestershire and produces digital printed paper and board products. Aligned with the growing need to support social and responsible production, recycling and reuse we continuously re-examine the way we approach our product and material selection, manufacturing and print production processes. As is the case for many manufacturers of printed products our processes have potential for impact on the environment and so it is our aim to minimise this and prevent pollution by ensuring that our activities are carried out in a controlled and responsible manner. It was a conscious decision to only use the very latest ink printing system (HP Latex) for our large format printing process. The environmentally related benefits of water-based HP Latex Inks include an improved printing environment, odourless prints and a range of recyclable media that can even be sent back to HP for recycling – at their expense. Designed under the HP Eco Solutions Programme the system we use has benefited from a global network of environmental product stewards working with design and development teams to incorporate environmental innovations. Chief among these is the revolutionary HP Latex Ink. As a result of these efforts we can help to lower the impact of printing on the environment. Our small format digital printer uses a toner based ink system with minimal waste. We took the decision in 2017 to move completely to digital presses as the technology overtook the incumbent litho printing system. The main advantage of this move was that paper and board waste was dramatically reduced owing to a more predictable set up procedure and totally eliminates the need for excessive “overs” We also take great care to use paper and fabrics for our products that come only from sustainable sources and continually look for ways to improve their environmental performance. Every one of the paper and board products we print comes from guaranteed sustainable sources (FSC) and is supplied to us by reliable trade partners, predominantly Premier Paper and Antalis who are measured to the following standards: • Quality Management ISO9001 • Environmental Management ISO14001 • Occupational Health and Safety Management ISO45001:2018 • Food Safety – British Retail Consortium (BRC) Storage & Distribution • FSC® Chain of Custody Certification • PEFC™Chain of Custody Certification Copies of their certifications for all materials supplied can be downloaded from www.antalis.co.uk and www.paper.co.uk As a method of mitigating carbon emissions we are also committed to the “Carbon Capture” programme run by Premier Paper which gives us the opportunity to capture the CO2 emissions from every paper purchase by planting native woodland, right here in the UK, through the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon scheme. Read more here: https://www.paper.co.uk/environment/carbon-capture/ All of our energy used at Full Square premises in Leicester is supplied from renewable sources. Our small fleet of company cars are 100% electric and we also make use of the Ride to Work scheme to provide staff with electric bicycles. 100% of the paper waste we produce at Full Square is recycled by Hubba UK www.hubbauk.com who have a 100% avoidance of landfill policy. Management of emissions, recycling waste materials and using only suppliers that are proven to implement environmental best practices ensure that we offer a range of locally designed, sourced and printed products. Third party promotional suppliers We are well very aware that the promotional product industry has long relied on imports from the Far East to meet the volume and cost demands of our clients here in the UK. We are committed to finding British manufacturers to work with wherever possible to offer an alternative to imported goods. The selection of our partners who supply a wide variety of products, that are not widely available in from the UK, are chosen particularly for their environmental policies and serious intent to make use of re-usable, recycled and recyclable materials. The use of natural materials like cork, bamboo and hemp, as well as organically produced cotton are growing in place of man-made materials and plastics. Where plastic is used, the source is often recycled from single use plastics and materials that might otherwise have become ocean waste. We are also committed to promote products that come from ethical, as well as environmentally sound suppliers and can supply conformity certificates for most promotional products that we source from third party suppliers, including Xindao and Mid Ocean Brands. The IMPACT collection is a line of products that aim to make a positive impact. There is a responsibility towards the environment that cannot be ignored. The IMPACT collection focuses on the use of water. For each IMPACT product sold 2% of proceeds is donated to support Water.org to change lives with safe water. More info on www.water.org You can read about the Impact collection on www.theimpactcollection.org “I believe we all need to take ambitious steps towards a more sustainable future. Therefore we show our commitment in creating a positive impact for everyone across our value chain. Our Sustainable development goals and commitments give us a clear long-term roadmap to follow. To achieve these goals it requires all parties within the value chain to contribute and play their part. I invite you to work with us in a collaborative way to assure our perspectives and necessary developments are met.” – Stephen Gibson, CEO Mid Ocean Brands We welcome you to contact us on info@fullsquare.net if you have any queries or concerns about our current manufacturing and procurement activities.

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