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We print totally bespoke, full colour digital, high-quality prints for maximum impact with no minimum order.

Full Square are UK print manufacturers of vibrant, colourful and personalised campaigns, mailers and bespoke packaging. Using digital technology, which enables multi-image printing and the use of variable data, we supply customers with print on sustainable materials with little or no waste.

We finish our prints in-house offering lamination, creasing, folding, booklet making and die-cutting. We partner with local suppliers, who we know and trust, to deliver specialist services like foil blocking, book-binding and carton making and that helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

As an approachable and agile company we support our clients from project conception through creation to fulfilment; we are here to take the stress out of printing. We will guide you through the process of graphic design, formatting, paper selection and choice of finish without blinding you with jargon.

With a background in litho and screen printing, we can handle any printed project that you can imagine from small to large format, trade show banners, business stationery, visual merchandising and packaging solutions.

We can print

Make an impactful physical connection with your marketing prospects

Whilst your competitors may be focusing purely on digital marketing strategies why not differentiate your brand with a physical direct mail campaign? Direct mail has been shown to have a much greater response rate compared with email campaigns, making it an important part of your marketing mix.

Full Square can help you create engaging campaigns that will shine a light on your brand and maximise the return on investment from your marketing budget.

Add an extra dimension to your marketing

Dimensional mailers are printed promotional pieces that have a third dimension beyond the length and width. They include boxes, tubes or containers that can contain further literature, a sample or promotional item – or all three!

The extra dimension gives you an additional level of creativity, as you can use each of the surfaces to add information, graphics and branding; you can also choose to include samples or well-chosen gifts in them.

Maximise the value of your product packaging

Appealing packaging builds brand awareness and increases the interest in your product offering. Your packaging can be so much more than a plain brown box; we help our customers design eye-catching bespoke packaging, sample packs and trial size packaging.

We also help our clients get the most out of their existing packaging using promotional wrap-around sleeves, on-pack offers, promotional coupons, custom made stickers and sample bundling.

Creative papers and first-class artwork produce memorable results

Full Square can supply all of the branded literature and stationery for your business.

We provide a portfolio of premium coated and uncoated ranges, with graphic boards and carbon balanced creative papers that can give your brand the quality it deserves.

Your business stationery represents you every day. We create bespoke corporate stationery that makes a statement of both high quality and integrity.

Inspiring product presentation

Eye-catching visual merchandising attracts, inspires and engages with customers motivating them to make a purchase.

Full Square creates custom made in-store signage, free-standing display boards, product and promotional displays. We can produce permanent fixtures or easy to transport pop up solutions.

We also produce point-of-sale products including tags, shelf talkers, shelf edge infill strips and header cards. And so much more besides:

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Roller banners and pop up systems
  • Point-of-sale stands and displays
  • Pedestrian barriers and pavement signs
  • Laminated prints – including dry wipe and anti-graffiti finishes
  • Window, wall and floor stickers
  • Wrapping paper

Embody your brand in the workplace

Workplace branding is about far more than putting the company logo on the office wall or on your coffee cups. Full Square prints graphics for wall coverings, window blinds, posters and removable wall decals; making an impact from reception to the boardroom and every space in between.

Our workplace branding solutions generate an engaging experience for both your clients and employees. And, don’t forget, we can supply workwear, uniforms and coffee cups too!

Stand-out graphics for market leaders.

Our fire-safe, odourless prints are suitable for all public spaces making them perfect for workplace and showroom interiors as well as for temporary exhibition spaces.

We can work with you to re-cycle or re-use hardware to get the most for your budget and play fair with the planet too. We specialise in lightweight, portable stands made of aluminium that use replaceable fabric graphics that take up very little space. Simple to install, they save on build and shipping costs so you get a better return on investment at every event.


Frequently asked questions

You need to allow any images or solid colours that are included in your printed artwork to “bleed” past the edge that is trimmed off as part of the finishing process. In Adobe InDesign or Illustrator you can choose the amount of bleed, which will be applied to the whole document. For printed sheets this is usually 3mm which is included when you export the file as print ready artwork. Without bleed it can be difficult to accurately trim sheets, especially when being made into booklets, without a white edge appearing around the trimmed edge. For more information read our blog on how and why to add bleed.

Designers use standard “A” sizes for most documents but we can print and trim your documents to any size that fits within the margins of standard “SRA” sizes (Supplementary Raw format A) with is defined as being 115% of the A series size.
The printers sheet needs to be larger so that the finished size can have bleed (see previous question) and crop marks added and to allow a margin around the job, as most presses do not print edge to edge. We’ve listed some examples of what size you might apply to standard print products:

A7 – 75mm x 105mm – post-it note size
A6 – 105mm x 148mm – postcard size
A5 – 148mm x 210mm – flyer size
A4 – 210mm x 297mm – letter size
A3 – 297mm x 420mm – wall calendar size
A2 – 420mm x 594mm – poster size
A1 – 594mm x 840mm – large framed print
A0 – 840mm x 1185mm – large format poster

For more information read our blog called Size Matters

Unlike raster images, which are made up of a series of dots, vector graphics are made up of paths and curves. Sometimes called “line” artwork, they are infinitely scalable and remain smooth and crisp even when sized up to larger dimensions. The scalability of vector graphics makes them ideal to use when designing logos or icons which require lots of detail, and flexibility of use.

Learn more about the difference between raster images and vectors in our blog Blooming Print

Yes. Sequential numbering on tickets can be included at the design stage or we can add this when we prepare your files for print. Any format or numbering sequence is possible.

For security tickets and event wrist straps, we can print on rip-proof materials.

To avoid copying of tokens or vouchers, we can also add holographical foils or other unique identifiers.

Yes. Variable data can include personalisation of names and other individual details and is included at the design stage of your document or tickets, letters or labels.

It is also widely possible now to print names on items like pens, using digital technology or mugs and T-shirts. Engraving and embroidery are other useful techniques for creating individually named items.

As we offer print fulfilment services too, we are also able to make sure that the named item is packed correctly and labelled with the same details. We also handle fulfilment of sized items like clothing so you don’t ever have to worry about Amy getting Andy’s t-shirt!

Yes. We distribute promotional print and products all over the world for our clients into literally every continent.

We have wide experience of international shipping and the paperwork that is required for different territories. We are also aware of many items that can be difficult to ship and where extra care is needed. Our couriers are expert in handling dangerous goods and can advise on any prohibited or restricted items.

Whenever we are shipping outside the UK we like to involve our experts from the delivery supply chain as soon as possible. Please talk to us about your plans for distribution before selecting product to avoid any disappointment or additional costs.

If your question is not answered here just get in touch.

Made in Great Britain

We are proud to be part of the British Manufacturing Print industry and promote home-grown products wherever we can. Although the paper industry can rightly make claims about the sustainability of the raw material, the way it is then transported and put to use can still have a massive environmental impact.

So, it is important to us to minimise that impact by working with local suppliers, UK manufacturers and European paper mills. With an emphasis on Reduce-Reuse-Repurpose (not just Recycling), we can advise on how your printed promotions can make a difference to the footprint your company leaves behind. We also offer a take-back service on your expired exhibition kit and unwanted prints to make sure they don’t end up in landfill.

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