mishmash X prodir

mishmash X prodir

Caviar and champagne. Tomato and mozzarella. Everybody has got their favourite pairings. At Prodir and at Full Square, our favourite is (perhaps unsurprisingly) paper and pen.

For paper, we go to mishmash, paper specialists from the Porto region of Portugal. They’ve designed a new notebook collection called ‘mishmash ✕ prodir’ that may be just perfect for your brand communication too.

And for pens, well, any Prodir writing instrument works wonderfully, though my current favourite is the DS6 S Mini. It’s a special shorter pen that writes just as long as any Prodir writing instrument. I think it goes hand in hand with ‘mishmash ✕ prodir’ MM01 and could be the perfect pairing for writing the next chapter in your brand story. The stitched spine and passport size makes it compact enough to fit in your (man) bag and elegant too.

You can find more pen and paper tales on the link below where  you will get the full story behind this cute new notebook collection.

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