Super scents

Super scents

Scent marketing enhances brand experiences.

In the realm of branding, olfactory branding has emerged as a powerful strategy to enhance user experiences. By infusing scents into corporate, product, experiential, and environmental branding initiatives, you evoke emotions, reinforce brand identity, and create memorable interactions with consumers and colleagues alike.

Creating a unique fragrance of a brand adds an extra dimension to traditional marketing approaches – captivate audiences on a deeper emotional level.

Ask us about how to develop your own brand scent.

We will send you a questionnaire to tease out the essence of your brand’s personality so that a blend of essential oils can be created to complement your corporate identity. You will receive up to 3 sample pots/candles to test and get feedback before we use it to produce your own range of luxury hand-made gifts.

Your choice of bespoke scented gifts.

Choose from nourishing hydration, in the form of lotion bars cast in your logo shape or preferred design, to zero-waste shampoo and soap bars for personal gifting. Or why not develop fragrances for your very own “house-brand” hand-poured candles in a choice of sizes and styles?

We have teamed with Natalee Onyeche, founder of Skin Solace* to bring uniquely fragranced products to your business.

Why not book a candle making workshop for your next team wellness event where Natalee will personally guide everyone through the process of selecting and blending essential oils to make luxury vegan soy candles in an exciting hands-on class.

It is a brilliant opportunity for team building, to reduce stress and engage colleagues in a wonderfully creative session.**
After personalising their own label, they will take home a 180-250ml candle as a gift.

* All Skin Solace products are UK made with all natural ingredients – no chemicals, no SLS or parabens.

** All sessions can be tailored to suit a time frame, usually lasting 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the size of the group. Ideally suited to 10-20 delegates. Priced on application.

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