Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

Everyone knows that we perform at our best when we have had a good night’s sleep so treat your team, or favourite clients, to the ultimate slumber set this winter.

The vintage-style mug is just perfect for sitting by the fireside while you enjoy a nightcap of milky Hotel Chocolat instant drink with marshmallows on top. Then it’s off to bed to count sheep (a fluffy one is supplied) aided by Scentered’s sleep essentials – you are supplied with a silken eye mask, ear plugs and their beautifully blended Sleep balm made with Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa.

All supplied in eco-packaging with personalisation options. We are always happy to create gift hampers with your own choice of contents and to meet a required budget.

The value of the contents as shown works out to approx £35 per box based on 100 quantity. The Scentered Sleep Essentials set RRP is £29 so you get excellent value for money as well as sweet dreams!

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