The lunch box

The lunch box

When lunch time looms, what do you reach for? A tiffin or bento box, for a multi-layered lunch? Maybe it’s a pot with something hot? Or are your salad combos the envy of the office canteen?

Whatever you fancy, we have a box, tin, tub or pot to suit from top brand names like Black + Blum and Mepal to pared back styles that are designed to carry your logo to lunch.

Our featured boxes are:

From Mepal (shown in super Nordic pink) – This sustainable, plastic food jar made is a firm favourite becasue it has two compartments. Both parts have a separate lid. The ideal solution for preventing spills while mixing. The volume of the upper transparent compartment is 200 ml, which means that it holds about 75 grams of muesli or fruit. The volume of the bottom compartment is 500 ml, enough for a generous portion of soup, noodles or yoghurt. YUM! £15.65 each

Also Mepal – for healthy appetites try their plastic salad box with lid 1300ml. Includes a mini box for dressings or other ingredients. The transparent box is large enough to mix the salad. High-quality and virtually unbreakable. BPA-free and Food Approved of course. £15.75 each

And if you have a big appetite but a smaller budget we have a double layer bento-style box from Miyo which is UK made and super-stylish for £11.50 each. They can even have your name on and come in a huge range of colour combinations. Shown above in grey and white option but we like the attention-grabbing oranges and limes best of all.



For the full range of Black + Blum, including a recipe book that is made to fit the lunch boxes perfectly, you can contact us for your personalised prices. See all the ways that we can brand the range when you download the PDF collection using the link above.

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