The mug

The mug

In the world of corporate branding, few items have the universal appeal of a classic mug. Whether it is robust porcelain, chunky earthenware or fine china, one mug for the office is never enough when it comes to catering for your favourite brew. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate or fruity infusion; there is a mug, or cup and saucer come to that, for every taste.

“Hey, did you use my mug?” Many mugs can be personalised with individual names so you need never lose your favourite mug again.

Along with promotional pens, the mug is one of the most enduring promotional gifts you can give that is likely to be used on a daily basis. But, unlike a pen, the mug gives you a great surface area to decorate so you get to say so much more.

Furthermore it is also the perfect partner for pairing with food or drink in a hamper, or gifting in a bespoke mailing or gift box – giving you another valuable surface for branding.

Mugs are suitable for any occasion, trend or season and can be used to reinforce company culture – either by colour or a design that suits your workplace branding or just to create a sense of belonging. You’d be a mug not to get some with your logo on!

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