The umbrella

The umbrella

There are many ways to include your logo, design or brand colours onto umbrellas and, with the amount of rain we “enjoy” in the UK, you can be sure you will get plenty of exposure!

The most common way to brand an umbrella is to screen print a spot colour to one panel. The more colours you add, the higher the cost. Use this on:
– Crook handled walking umbrellas
– Telescopic handbag umbrellas
– Golf or sporting umbrellas
– Children’s umbrellas
– Novelty shapes and clear panel umbrellas

For an eye-catching overall pattern design, you could consider a dye-sublimation printed umbrella and we can design the entire umbrella from scratch – including matching frame colours, ferrule tips and printed sleeves (minimum order quantities apply).

Protection from sun as well as rain – summer parasols come in a range of pre-dyed colours with branding up to 4 colours on up to all 8 panels. Or we can design completely bespoke “beer garden” style outdoor umbrellas with tiltable steel pole and fully pantone matched printing.

Click the link below to use our umbrella finder and call 0116 255 4336 for information and bespoke pricing.

Rain can take all manner of forms, from the light, lazy drizzle which is just persistent enough to be unpleasant, to sudden summer downpours which send you scurrying for cover. However, rain is broadly classified into three main categories. Each type is formed by a different atmospheric process and tends to vary in its behaviour.

• Frontal rain: occurs when warm and cold weather fronts bump into each other, forcing the lighter, warmer air to rise, cool, and condense into rain. This is often associated with overcast conditions, dark blankets of cloud and noticeable temperature changes.
• Relief rain: common to the UK with its varied topography it forms when air encounters obstacles like mountains, forcing it upwards and cooling, leading to condensation and rainfall. Windward sides of mountains receive the most rain, while leeward sides experience a “rain shadow,” resulting in drier conditions.
• Convective rain: is most common during the summer months in the UK, as it relies on the sun heating the land, creating convective currents that rapidly rise, cool, and form impressive cumulonimbus cloud structures. This often results in thunderstorms and heavy downpours that can spoil your barbecue or beach party!

Luckily, we have more than 3 different kinds of umbrellas you can choose from – so we’ve always got you covered!

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