The clothes rail

The clothes rail

Promotional clothing that elevates your brand engagement

Promoting standout looks for brand identity with innovative design at the core we bring you designs with creative color palettes, sustainable fabrics and fine stitching details, which include:

  • Premium quality and luxurious feel.
  • Certified organic and planet-friendly materials.
  • A sustainable approach to fashion.
  • Modern decorative techniques including direct-to-garment printing and 3D embroidery

Speak to us about how promotional clothing can be a powerful tool for brand engagement, emphasising ethical and sustainable choices.

Use your distinctive look to create team unity in the workplace too, here are a few ideas for you:

  • Take part in events like “Wear it Pink” (October 20th 2023) to show your support for Breast Cancer Now and encourage teams to raise money for charities that resonate with your brand.
  • Create a uniform for staff  and add some key pieces to your onboarding pack for new starters – maybe a beanie or baseball cap, or a natty pair of socks!
  • Choose textiles that can be used in the home for hybrid workers, slippers or a towel would be thoughtful and fun.
  • If you are in the hospitality trade we can produce luxurious robes and towels with your logo and uniforms for bar staff.

The clothes rail at Full Square is always full of ideas so use our contact form to let us know your requirements today or browse our Iqoniq range for the basics.

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