And now, for something completely different

“What a good thing Adam had. When he said a good thing, he knew nobody had said it before.” Mark Twain – writer 1835-1910 Source:  Is there anything such thing as a new idea? I often wake up at 4am with what I think is a great new idea, I pick up my bedside […]

Gimme five!

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The internet and digital marketing have made it faster and seemingly easier to reach a wide audience with your brand, however that hasn’t made offline sales and marketing promotion obsolete. Many businesses have jumped feet first into the digital marketing world and may have neglected the many forms of offline promotion that would help them […]

More haste, less speed

Have you noticed how much of a hurry we do things in these days? To say that modern life is ‘fast-paced’ is an understatement. At school one of my favourite stories was the Aesop fable of the Tortoise and the Hare where the moral of the story was said to have inspired the (often misquoted) […]

Time for a reprint?

Spell, check, spell-check and then check again … It pays to get a professional proof-reader to examine your copy for typographical and grammatical errors, especially when you are sending your copy to print. However, it is as important to make sure that your emails, blog posts and social media comments are gaff-free too and that […]

No subscription necessary

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  In December 2016 The Literacy Trust told us “One in 11 (9.4%) children and young people said they do not have a book of their own at home, rising to one in eight (13.1%) children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Of these children, those who receive free school meals, boys of all ages and teenagers are […]

Take note!

In June we celebrate national writing day, an annual nationwide celebration of the pleasure and power of creative writing. Of course, this conjures up images of fictional novels and booker prize awards, however, it’s easy to forget the importance of creative writing in the business world with copywriting being a true art form. In our […]

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