Comfort and Joy

Did you know that one third of adults cuddle up to a teddy bear every night for emotional comfort – and research shows there are real health benefits? But is it really a surprise to know that cuddling something brings contentment? I still have two teddies from when I was an infant, as well as […]

Adding a new dimension to your sales promotions

So, it’s true we are increasingly living in an online world, and hey, you are probably reading this on a screen! However, in this incredibly busy digital world how can you really differentiate yourself, your brand, and your business? How can you engage with customers, or indeed your own staff, and start to overcome that […]

The season of giving is always upon us

The Giving Season is here, and we have created a new section on our website devoted to boxing up goodies and sending them out direct to individuals. I decided to re-visit an article that I wrote 10 years ago on when to use promotional gifts, swag, corporate merchandise – call it what you will. I […]

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