How and why to add bleed

Surely one of the most commonly asked questions in print. When you create a document where the image goes right to the edge of the page you need to add an area of bleed. This is because we print on an over-sized sheet and trim it down to size, or sometimes multiple images are printed […]

Sustainable Sales Promotion

April 22nd celebrates this year’s Earth Day, an annual event that demonstrates support for environmental protection and sustainability. I think we can all agree that our planet is an amazing place, but it does need our help and responsibility to thrive. However, when you are trying to grow your business it may seem difficult to […]

And here’s five more

lighted number 5

Following our last blog post here are 5 more offline marketing ideas that can help you develop new prospects and grow your business: 1. Promotional Gifts Promotional gifts and products have been used by sales and marketing as a promotional tool for many years. The BPMA reports that 83% of people who receive promotional merchandise […]

Gimme five!

man raising right hand

The internet and digital marketing have made it faster and seemingly easier to reach a wide audience with your brand, however that hasn’t made offline sales and marketing promotion obsolete. Many businesses have jumped feet first into the digital marketing world and may have neglected the many forms of offline promotion that would help them […]

The power of 8

The number 8 symbolises power, infinity and continuance which makes it the perfect number to associate with your next promotion. To help harness the power of 8 in your business, we have a great offer available for you. The standard print sheet size SRA3 just happens to yield 8 A6 postcards and you can buy […]

Time for a reprint?

Spell, check, spell-check and then check again … It pays to get a professional proof-reader to examine your copy for typographical and grammatical errors, especially when you are sending your copy to print. However, it is as important to make sure that your emails, blog posts and social media comments are gaff-free too and that […]

Size matters

This little snippet is one of those things that all printers know about and some designers think about but we don’t always remember to mention to you. Did you know that when your business cards or letterheads or flyers are printed that the size of the finished article can greatly affect the cost of your […]

Blooming Print!

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, not only does it start to get a little bit warmer but we are also exposed to so many wonderful vibrant and natural colours which have been missing over the dull winter months. With spring already upon us I thought in this blog post I […]

No subscription necessary

boy sitting on bench while holding a book

  In December 2016 The Literacy Trust told us “One in 11 (9.4%) children and young people said they do not have a book of their own at home, rising to one in eight (13.1%) children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Of these children, those who receive free school meals, boys of all ages and teenagers are […]

Spot the difference

Happily for us, at Full Square, we get to work with a lot of creative geniuses and clever graphic designers, who know all about colour. However, there are some common pitfalls and basic misunderstandings about the use of colour in print that can lead to confusion. Here are a few basics you need to know: […]

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