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Following our last blog post here are 5 more offline marketing ideas that can help you develop new prospects and grow your business:

1. Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts and products have been used by sales and marketing as a promotional tool for many years. The BPMA reports that 83% of people who receive promotional merchandise can remember the brand advertised for an average of 12 months and that 79% of people were more likely to do business with the company in the future. Giving a promotional gift to a prospect or customer shows that you really value the relationship you have with them, and will help you develop engagement and loyalty with them. Obviously, there are a vast array of promotional products available. You can choose items that further communicate your brand’s vision, compliments an existing product that you sell, an item that’s going to help your customer out, or something that is just lots and lots of fun! Another great reason for offering branded promotional gifts is that they will continue generating exposure to your brand for a very long time. Products will find their way onto people’s office desks, into their hands, or in the case of a branded t-shirt, onto their body. Full Square offers a complete catalogue of high-quality promotional merchandise. To obtain your copy contact

2. Get Personal

Understanding your customers, clients and business relationships are all key to the growth and success of your company. Consider some of the more personal communications you could have with them to ensure they feel valued, cared for and in a safe pair of hands. Forging those more personal bonds can help you build greater advocacy with your business. Do you send them birthday cards or a small gift? Do you celebrate anniversaries of your working relationship? How do you communicate with them around key times of the year?

3. Launch Packs

Launch packs are physical packs that can be sent in the post to either customers or internal staff when launching a new product or initiative. Unlike a digital launch, a physical launch pack allows you to include product samples or promotional gifts that can strengthen the promotional message you are trying to convey. Dimensional mail has been shown to have a higher open rate and greater engagement than digital or “flat” envelope mailers. When you are launching a new product or campaign you really need to ensure that your sales teams and your customers are interested, so add an extra dimension to your next launch.

4. Packaging

If you sell a physical product then have you thought about how customers perceive your packaging, does it appeal to your target audience and you are maximising the marketing opportunity that your packaging can afford you? Packaging and labels can be used to encourage potential buyers to purchase your product, they can also encourage existing customers to buy again or delve deeper into your product offering. The way you present your products and your point of sale display can greatly differentiate your brand from the competition and make you stand out from the crowd. The design, materials and type of packaging you choose not only protect your product but communicate your brand values. So make the unboxing experience an unforgettable one for your customer.

5. Going Hybrid

Hybrid marketing is a promotional approach that combines both online and offline marketing to ensure maximum impact. It’s really easy to put all of your budget and efforts into one form of marketing, however, we live in a connected omnichannel world, so if a prospect is suffering from email fatigue or has been on one webinar too many then consider taking a more hybrid approach. For example, if you are running a webinar campaign could you send the participants something in the post before the event which acts as a reminder or helps reinforce your messaging? If you are giving out a paper flyer could you integrate a QR code into its design so it could be easily scanned sending someone effortlessly to your homepage? Finally don’t forget to Celebrate Success. When you do win a new customer online or achieve that sales target be sure to celebrate success with your team. It’s a great way to build employee engagement, team spirit and remember, success breeds success.

Full Square are sales promotion specialists with in house print facilities. Our team has decades of experience in providing offline sale promotion tools, so whatever you are planning or working on we are here to support, inspire and help you.

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