Loyalty & rewards

Loyalty & rewards

Printed loyalty cards pack a promotional punch for very little investment. If you want customers to return, and keep on coming back for more, this simple device works every time.

Full Square can print using your variable data and on demand for loyalty programmes so you have the flexibility to offer completely personalised or sequentially numbered identity cards for your members.

Membership packs could include printed folders with letter and promotional brochures included – add card slots to drop the ID card in too. For the ulimate loyalty programmes we can create a whole range of branded products, hold them in stock for you and despatch individually as they are redeemed.

Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be, your brand fans will love you all the more if you reward their loyalty; whether you send them a cupcake on their birthday or offer them a range of gifts to choose from all year. Valuable data and information on your audiences preferences can be gathered when you run a loyalty programme and it’s all opted in. You can go on to offer other promotions and competition to your members, just remember to make use of every touch point to make another suggestion.

Talk to us today about your plans to include loyalty and rewards in your marketing plans, your sales team will love you for it too!

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